These Are The Biggest 2021 Hair & Makeup Trends for Brides

On the heels of the rollercoaster that was 2020, it should come as no surprise that 2021’s biggest hair and makeup trends tend toward the extraordinary. Whether you’re the sort to embrace high-octane glamour at every chance or habitually keep things glowy and natural, 2021’s prettiest beauty trends have something to supply every bride-to-be with an extra-special, wedding-day touch.

For the glamour-inclined, Ryan Trygstad, a star stylist and co-founder of Mark Ryan Salon in NYC (his clients include Emma Roberts, Laura Dern, and Kelly Ripa), tells Brides, “I’ve noticed that due to COVID, when it involves wedding beauty, people are able to glam it up. most are so over not being social and staying inside that they need to possess the foremost important celebration while feeling the most glamorous on their big day .”

On the other end of the spectrum, some soon-to-be-wed women are more familiar with the au natural effect that lockdown has spurred. “Brides are leaning toward more natural, lived-in looks,” Claire Balest, a Tennessee-based hair and makeup artist, says. “Spending the higher a part of a year embracing your natural hair texture and wearing less makeup than ever has done a touch of reprogramming on all folks . it’s forced us into a kind of minimalist place, and swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum doesn’t feel natural quite yet.”

Lived-In Texture – Whether you decide for an updo or down and tousled, lived-in, textured styles are going to be fashionable brides, consistent with Balest. “We’ve spent a year giving our hair a touch of an opportunity and growing more familiar with our natural textures,” she explains. Adding, “It can feel a touch over the highest immediately to possess every hair in situ . choosing a more lived-in style mimics the liberty we’ve been giving our locks and might make a bride feel more like herself.”

Adorning Accessories – Hair accessories are hugely popular for everyday style, and as a result, Trygstad predicts an increase in day hair accessories for an extra-special, embellished touch. “This year, I’m loving a high and tight updo with beautiful accessories like pearls, vintage hair ornaments, or a press release headband for the fashion-forward bride.”

Hollywood Glamour – For a female and romantic day look, Trygstad and Shaw predict a turn toward Hollywood-glamour-inspired hairstyles. “Everyone’s stayed inside goodbye , and this is often the right thanks to wow a crowd,” says Shaw of the timeless look.
Trygstad says, “I also love a classic old Hollywood glamorous wave with something new and modern, like tiny flowers sporadically placed and tied into the gorgeous , glamorous waves.”

A Party Pony – Balest says the party pony are going to be big for 2021 brides, whether for the reception or a late-night celebration. “[It] refreshes the whole look, albeit you don’t change your dress,” she explains. “It’s casual but chic. There’s a pony for everybody , whether the location is low, high, or within the middle.”

Color, Crystals & Shine – As a move faraway from traditional bridal glam, Dale predicts a turn toward creative makeup looks, with jeweled eyes at the forefront of the trend. “I predict brides are going to be choosing more dramatic, almost high-fashion looks to shake up the monotony that the pandemic has created,” she says. “Think editorial beauty: flat black pearls in an assortment of sizes on or round the eye or Swarovski crystals in situ of liquid eyeliner. Dramatic and crowd pleasing , but not overdone.”

All About Skin – many ladies overhauled their skincare routines throughout the pandemic, which Dale and Balest predict, will cause an increase in day makeup that showcases healthy skin. “With most of the people beginning to invest more in their skincare products to enhance skin reception , I predict that folks are going to be trying to find a complexion look which will accentuate all of their improvements vs. using full coverage makeup unnecessarily,” Dale tells Brides. “Complexion looks have taken a ‘skin first’ approach, and that i predict which will continue for brides to play up the eyes, cheeks, or lips during a fun way.”

Suggesting colors like bright pink, mulberry, or deep rose, Balest says a bold, blurred lip will pair well with beautiful skin and a softly defined eye. “This look is romantic, easy to wear, and may make an enormous impact,” she says. “It features a minimalist feel but remains striking. Brides are meaning to stand out without feeling over the highest , and this is often the right look to realize that.”

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