Sneeze No More! Here Are 5 Easy Hacks To Help You Keep Your Allergies In Check

If 2020 had synonyms, they might be fear and uncertainty. And in fact , all folks can relate to both of them.

With the entire world facing an epidemic together, whose symptoms happen to be pretty almost like an allergy , fear grips us, allergy-suffering people whenever we get sick, assuming the worst.

That’s why, here are 5 easy hacks to stay your allergies in restraint in order that you don’t let fear grip you each time you sneeze!

Get obviate dust – Don’t let dust accumulate on surfaces. Wipe and mop all the surfaces in your house with a humid cloth in order that the dust doesn’t go flying around sticking to you wish velcro.

Avoid mold spores – Reduce moisture in and around your bathroom, kitchen and other cool and dark spaces. Mold isn’t only extremely harmful to one’s health, but may be a severe allergen also .

Reduce pet dander – We all love our little munchkins, but once they shed their coats, it’s a nightmare for anyone affected by allergies. attempt to keep your pets out of the bedroom to attenuate hair sticking to the pillows, duvets and sheets. Plus, brush their coat a minimum of thrice every week .

Minimise using scented candles or diffusers – Scented candles and diffusers are one among the first sources of chemicals that contribute to anyone affected by allergies. They’re not only bad for the environment except for your health as well!

Don’t smoke indoors – If you’re a smoker or a passive smoker with allergies. Avoid smoking indoors. Cigarette ash is extremely fine which may easily be inhaled resulting in a sneezing fit. Or, on a brighter note, don’t smoke. Period.
Allergies are annoying and every one we wish is to possess a tissue-free day for once. That’s why, this World Allergy Week (28th June – 4th July), Sanofi took the initiative to spread awareness and educate us all on the way to remain healthy and allergy free.

Sanofi conducted a web event with health experts, Dr Samir Bhargava and Dr C. Suman Kumar who were joined by Bollywood celebrity and fitness expert- Malaika Arora.

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