Relationship Rules: One Should Remember Before Getting Into Love

Relationship Rules

1. The Glue: It’s something that no one else will have. According to the survey, 86% of men said this. Women disagreed, with only 68% agreeing. 

2. Know thyself: Only 36% of the women surveyed were confident they could be honest with their partner. The number was up to 57% of men. 

3. No bad touch: Sixty-four percent of people said that you can never go wrong by not having any bad touching. 

4. Have no shame: More than 30% of people thought you shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell your partner you have no interest in sex. 

5. No drama: That’s all well and good until your life becomes the opposite of a Waltons episode. 

So what’s the verdict? Will you marry someone from Match? Or do you just swipe in the hopes of finding love?

Making The First Move

And one third of Brits don’t even bother to message their partner first, and half wait six weeks before they’ll accept a date. The study also found that Brits are 15 times more likely to call in sick than to break up with their partner, and wait eight months before they get back with an ex.

Interestingly, those who wrote the six commitments listed above were more likely to be given a drawer in the home and to get proposed to, which suggests there may be something to it. However, the results were not statistically significant. The authors also compared each commitment to a ‘standard of truthfulness’, where acts of deceit such as having sex before being asked were scored more harshly than lying about a significant other’s past infidelity. The authors rated the commitments as ‘not immoral’, ‘slightly immoral’, ‘very immoral’, and ‘extremely immoral’. The researchers then looked at the moral codes of various countries. Greece had the strictest moral code, with Finland, Chile and Ireland following.

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