Odd couple that shows love is blind

When we mention love- looks, age, caste, creed, color, gender doesn’t really matter and you do not seek validation of the planet or await their verdict on your relationship. Opinions of people are subjective and their preferences are variable, but the lovers should also take compatibility into consideration.
Love is Blind, But you’ll See Through With the sunshine of Truth. Martin ugwu.
You will be ready to get a transparent picture of blind love by watching these unusual couples.

1- Meg Taylor Morrison was heartbroken when her three-year-relationship ended, shattering her dreams of wedding. But she found an unusual thanks to advance by marrying herself!

2- Height is no hindrance- Joelison Fernandes da Silva And Evem Medeiros, convince be one such powerful couple for whom height wasn’t an obstacle in falling for every other. he’s a 7ft.8inches tall man and she or he is 3foot smaller than him as compared .

3- Weight doesn’t matter- Charity Pierce And Tony Sauer, are one among perfect samples of blind love as she suffers from obesity and has planned to shed kilos before she ties knots together with her fiancĂ©. S

4- Age is simply a number- If two people are really crazy for them, then age is no hurdle to urge committed. They gladly accept one another despite knowing the difference in age gap,

5- Opposites attract- Speaking of which, we all are conscious of the famous Juhi Chawla who decided to urge married to Jay Mehta, not brooding about what the society will think, she fell crazy together with his average looks, while she remains an ageless beauty.

6- No boundaries and restrictions- people that are bound by love don’t consider the boundaries to be an obstacle, they skills to beat it to form it a successful relationship.
People fall crazy from different countries, across the borders because love has no religion.

7- Monetary terms- If a lady falls crazy with an upscale man, she is accused as a gold digger. But why? How are you people so sure that she fell for money and not for man? Maybe, every girl’s perspective isn’t all about money! Maybe she wants to spend her life because she genuinely loves him.

8- Choices vary- Maria Butzki may be a woman who broke all the stereotypes when she decided to measure together with her husband and her ex together and share the love with both of them. Isn’t it too odd?

9- An uncommon couple- There was a father-daughter duo who decided to urge married leaving everyone in awe and speechless. He had adopted her, eventually the girl discovered that she is crazy together with his dad,

10- Unique choices- Gabriela and Victor, they need been during a relationship for 2 decades now as they’re known to possess unbelievable and bizarre choices with similar personalities. They even hold a record of most body modifications and are the people that have most tattoos in their body.

11- Record setters- Quentin and Anastasia, decided to spend their life together the instant they came to understand it had been love initially sight. They spent thousands of dollars to rework themselves into real world Barbie and Ken Doll,

12- Celebrity fantasy love- Sometimes there are such weird and amazing instances that they’re hilarious, obsessing over celebrities isn’t a replacement thing within the town, there are fans, then there are crazy fans, who even assume to urge married to their favourite celeb, by believing in some delusional world and marry with their pictures, photo frames, posters etcetera.
As we are saying love is blind, so people really don’t care whether anyone mocks them or criticizes them.

Always remember, that only true love can cause you to conquer your absolute lack of skill.

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