Men on being harassed.

As soon as we hear the word ‘harassment’ it automatically clicks in our mind that we are pertaining to women up here , that’s right women do face harassment everyday at workplace, home, roads, schools and colleges, etcetera, but can we even bother to note what goes on the opposite side? Men too face harassment but that’s not reported because either people mock or do not believe , they too have stories to inform about what they need skilled .

– Worse things may happen- One can never assume the extent of the assault, this happens regularly and repeatedly, by catcalling names, leering, grabbing, now you’ll wonder that each one this stuff happen only with women, to bring back the type notice of the audience,
– Not all men are same- Women always believe that each one men are an equivalent , regardless of what, but wait, that’s not true. When women address and report about their incidents to the concerned authority they aim all the lads whereas only the perpetrators of the society are to be attacked.
– Men are victims too- Men and boys also are victims of sexual violence, by the prevalence of the toxic thought process of the society, men plan to remain silent, because victimization and vulnerability aren’t considered as ideal traits of men and boys. rather than being supportive,

We work together and lift our voices to guard women, so we should always also acknowledge that harassment of men is no joke. there’s no forum as of now where they will be happy to a minimum of share their opinion where it’s safe, experiences that they need been tortured.

At work, men A told us that her colleague passed lewd comments about the dimensions of thing, it’s gross, you know!! He further expressed that she wont to touch him which made him uncomfortable, he did confront her by saying ‘you should backtrack , i do not feel good’, she took it casually and said ‘it’s only for fun and that i know you wish it too’. This obnoxious behaviour of hers infuriated him and he warned her to remain away else he would need to lodge a complaint to the HR dept. She didn’t stop there, actually at some office party she tried cheap tactics to lure him but he was very rigid together with his decision of the complaint. He had left with no choice, he had to report this to the HR, he was shocked to listen to this and initially he didn’t really believe him,

The only section of the IPC that deals with the sexual abuse on a person is 377, it clearly states that sodomy is an offence but this is often misused to perpetuate sexism. It doesn’t discriminate between the consensual and therefore the non-consensual sexual acts between the 2 male adults. These pseudo feminists promote disdain and that they attempt to suppress the rights of the lads within the society.

Kindly hear the opposite side of the story too, you never know that perhaps you’re supporting the incorrect person. Unlike women, men deserve the equal rights when it involves reporting their issues, and it isn’t always women at the receiving end, men face harassment too- source- Reddit.

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