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Looking to the past for inspiration

Every generation needs a message to motivate us, to get us going. More than that, every generation needs a sense of wonder and inspiration. When I was younger, my hero was the embodiment of my greatest dreams–a great, smart, kind man with a talented wife and a thriving business. This hero was an inspiration for me. But what about when I was older? How can I reach the young men of today when I look to him for inspiration? Now, I know it’s not hard to find inspiration in the things that most men have to give up in life. You can look to the modern men of wealth and influence, as their examples of success are probably better than ever. You can look to the 20 year-olds I know who dream of the day they’ll meet Michelle and Barack Obama.

What have I learned?

Love her like she’s the only woman in the world, or like you’re the last man in the world. There’s no in-between with her. She’s like the saint of our time. She won’t settle for anyone, just like she hasn’t settled for you. She’s the closest thing to the feminine ideal we’ll ever get. Men, treat her like you would a goddess, as the most wonderful gift from heaven. Love her like a man. –Chris Additional Resources This was my way of giving back to the master, Tim Grahl, who was instrumental in helping me get where I am today. I hope it will help you find inspiration in today’s context. –Chris Share The Love Like this: Like Loading…

Now, for you, the aspiring hero who is not satisfied with self-improvement, but in search of true greatness, you must be in the business of constant learning, continuous improvement, self-discipline, humility, compassion, discipline, perseverance, and above all else, an enormous amount of work. You may be the man of the people, but even the greatest of them were just men–you are the man of the future. You must learn from the masters of the past, and what is more admirable than that? So let me ask you this, dear reader: What have you done to better yourself? Are you a person that uses his strengths to aid in your weaknesses? Have you adopted the iron discipline of Daniel and succeeded in defeating the ancient enemy of the modern age?

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