How To Date: Dating Tips For Finding Your Soulmate

How to find your soulmate

1. Trust Your Gut. If something feels right, it probably is. 

2. Don’t Be Scared Of The Unknown. 

3. Take Things Slowly. Don’t hurry this relationship. 

4. Love Will Find You When You Stop Looking. 

5. Surround Yourself With The Right People. 

6. Always Remain Conscious of Yourself. 

7. Study Your Opponent. 

8. Put Your Best Foot Forward. 

9. And if nothing works out, you’ll find the right person when it’s meant to be.

The Dating Game

Liam Egan, co-founder of the Changing Habits Research Initiative, said: ‘It’s not surprising that such frequent communication has such a positive impact on people’s social life, but it’s also surprising that waiting even six months before telling your loved one how you really feel is actually associated with less happiness. ‘Happiness – or “interpersonal psychokinesis”, as the psychologists call it – is a fleeting feeling, and there’s no point being in a romantic relationship if you can’t be honest with your partner.’ The researchers added that breaking up before this stage was also common practice.

How To Date: Dating Tips For Finding Your Soulmate

They also found that most people waited five months to say ‘I love you’ for the first time – and also to update their relationship status on Facebook – and six months till they were given their own drawer at their partner’s home.

How to find your soulmate

Only half of women managed to get the memo about deleting their Facebook account at least three months before getting married. Nearly a third of men managed to do the same, and 1 in 5 couples got it right on the wedding day. But dating coach Debanjali Rai said that the findings were skewed in men’s favour, because the men had on average been waiting longer to get married. “With women there are too many issues. If they aren’t fit for marriage, they worry about what their family will think, what their friends will think. Whereas with men it is more natural because it is all about the person,” he said. As for the woman’s suggestion to keep a list of qualities they really look for in a partner? “I don’t think it works,” said Rai. “Men don’t think like that. They have too many criteria.

The Dating Game

And the same study revealed one surprising finding, as well as the average length of a person’s relationship: 54% of singles claimed they didn’t have enough time in their day to date. As so many things in life do, however, this research tells us that it’s all about our priorities – and people that consider a number of things before they make a move are usually better off than those who think they can just pick up a beautiful lady and whisk her away at the drop of a hat. “The single most common mistake people make is thinking that they can get the relationship they want by picking up someone they see at a bar or on a date,” the website reports. “Unfortunately, that is rarely the case and it certainly doesn’t work.

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