Coffee and Tea Drinks Why So Popular

Why is coffee and tea so popular?

Because it seems we’re always putting it to a test: coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, coffee at dinner, and tea after dinner. Coffee, for the record, is not that bad a substance when it comes to health. In fact, the National Coffee Association lists it at number 17 in its list of what it deems “The Most Trusted Nutrition and Health Claims of All Time.

What are the health benefits of coffee and tea?

Caffeine can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent to ease joint and muscle pain, so keep that in mind when preparing your morning and afternoon caffeine get-ups, instead of racking up a nap (which is just as bad for your sleep as a caffeinated cup of Joe). A cup of brewed coffee is typically enjoyed black (hence the caffeinated moniker), but a few brands are getting creative by adding lite coconut milk, taurine, and whey protein to sweeten their brews. Sweet treats aside, both coffee and tea are incredibly powerful anti-inflammatories. Taurine, which is found in meat, chicken, milk, and fish, has an anti-inflammatory effect, allowing coffee to soak up an extra dose of the amino acid.

Different ways to make coffee and tea

Coffee: If you want to get serious about your caffeine consumption, start with a cup of black coffee (conventional, without milk). That’s the most concentrated caffeine in coffee, and it helps kickstart your metabolism, relax your mind, and fill you up in a hurry. If you add any milk or cream to your coffee, though, you’re starting to overcook your cup. You don’t want to eat your beverage. Of course, you’re already drinking tea for a reason: It helps clear out your system, boosts the immune system, increases bone health, and offers loads of other health benefits. Tea is nature’s most gentle antioxidant, so it’s an even better choice when it comes to an energizing drink. But if you’re only serving yourself black tea, you’re missing out on a great meal replacement.

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