Best Pick-Up Lines

Well! We all know that sometimes to break the ice, one should put in all of the good efforts to impress their crush, so the corniest key can be an easy and cheesy pick up line. Cheesy lines are flirtatious in nature and not about passing lousy comments, be assured that the other person isn’t uncomfortable by your remarks, okay?
To sneak into someone’s heart, one of the best ways is to make them laugh by your wit. So if you like someone, go and try these cute yet cheesy lines on them, surely this will make them smile and blush. Who knows then, by the use of one of these silly lines might end up in a yes for a date?
Check out our top cheesy-lines below!

1- Do you know any psychologist? Because I think I’m losing my mind seeing someone this beautiful!
2- Hey! You must be tired, isn’t it as you’ve been constantly running through my mind.
3- I must be in some art gallery because you’re the most beautiful portrait I have seen.
4- Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, then I would walk by again.
5- Are you Alexa? Because babe, you have all my answers.
6- Have you heard about time machines? Let’s travel together in the future.
7- Do you like raisins? Do you mind me asking you out for a date?
8- Do you know magic? Because when I look around, all I can see is you.
9- Excuse me!, Do you have a bandaid? I hurt my knee when I fell for you.
10- Do you like my tee? It’s totally boyfriend material.
11- Boy:- I am lost, will you help me with the directions? Girl:- Sure but where to? Boy:- I have lost my way in your eyes and wanna travel to your heart.
12- Hey! I think you’re lava because you’re smokin’ hot!
13- I dare you to look at me for 5 seconds. Ohh! wait, there’s a slight problem because it’s been 5 mins and you couldn’t take your eyes off me.
14- Are you a magnet? Because I’m attracted to you since the time I saw you.
15- You definitely are a keyboard because you’re my type.

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