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10 Best Coffee and Tea Drinks You Absolutely Need To Try In Your Lifetime

If you’re craving a cup of tea or coffee, but have been keeping away from both because of a pesky fear of caffeine, I have good news for you: It turns out you can safely drink both coffee and tea if you get your daily dose of caffeine from non-caffeinated sources, too, according to Sarah Allen, an Australian sports nutritionist who founded the sports nutrition and lifestyle brand, 

In her new book, The Sugar Detox Plan: Stay Lean, Build, And Fight Off Disease, Laurie Beckzel, R.D., M.S., executive director of the sports nutrition program at the University of Washington’s Department of Kinesiology, shows how you can stop sipping and drinking caffeine without any extra effort.

Forget about how your morning or afternoon dose is splitting atoms and electrons. Instead, focus on enjoying the benefits of a coffee or tea habit. These drinks are great for brain and energy health, they’re a great way to get a little mental stimulation throughout the day, and they’re pretty much the perfect break. Start drinking these drinks, and you’ll feel the effects of these other health benefits without adding all the additives. 

It’s a win-win. 

1 Earl Grey Tea Giphy This creamy, winter-approved beverage gets its color from the tea’s bergamot, orange, or wormwood.

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